And We’re Back!

Aloha from beautiful Maui, blogettes!

I know it’s been a long time since I last wrote. So much has happened. I started working at the Estee Lauder Companies, I’ve become a Rent The Runway Unlimited aficionado, oh and I GOT MARRIED!!

Quick life update:

The New Job

It’s actually not so new at this point. I’ve been working at the Estee Lauder Companies for the past year and a few months, and I’m loving it. I’m currently the Director of Global Brand Strategy & Operations for Clinique, and I serve as Chief of Staff to the Brand President. It’s an amazing company to work for and it has been a great role for me. As you guys know, I’ve never worked at an organization this large and matrixed before, so it has been a great learning experience (more about that in a future post on the pros/cons of big companies v. small companies).

The New Name

Call me Mrs. Alexander 🙂

Max and I got engaged back in December 2017, and we just had our wedding two Fridays ago. I’m writing to you all from beautiful Maui because we’re on our honeymoon! We had a gorgeous wedding in Miami, and have spent time in both LA & Hawaii over the past two weeks. You can follow our adventures on the ‘gram.

The Moral of the Story

All of this newness has been wonderful, but planning a wedding + starting a new job did leave my creativity tank a bit empty. Taking time during our honeymoon to unplug (this is the first time I’ve opened up a computer in two weeks) has been just what I need to get my creative juices flowing again! You’ll be hearing from me much more frequently now – on life, work, being a newlywed, and finding a #prettysmart way to manage it all.



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