Are You REALLY Being Productive?

Ultimate Productivity Tracker

[uhl-tuh-mit – proh-duhk-tiv-i-tee – trak-ur]
  1. A tool that tells you if you’re actually being productive, based on the three building blocks of productivity
  2. Fill this out if:
    1. You don’t think you’re being as productive as you could be
    2. You’re not sure if you’re productive or just busy
  3. Using this tool should result in:
    1. A clear picture of how productive you are
    2. An evaluation of where your productivity deficiencies lie
    3. A framework for conversation about your position and responsibilities

Click here to download your own: Am I Actually Being Productive Tool

Questions about how to use this bad boy? Check out a helpful tutorial in the sixth episode of my #LABG Productivity Mini Series airing 12/3 at 8pm EST!

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