Monday Morning Meeting Maker

Monday Morning Meeting Maker

[muhn-dey – mawr-ning – meeting – mey-ker]
  1. A *prioritized* list of your tasks for the week, how much time they will take you, and how much time you have left over to pick up slack for the team
  2. A helpful tool that helps you manage up without burning yourself out
  3. Fill this out if:
    1. You’re a person with a job
    2. You want to move up / move laterally within your organization and need exposure to other parts of the business
    3. You’re a manager or director who needs to allocate time to the team
    4. Just fill it out. It’s generally helpful
  4. Using this tool should result in:
    1. A clear picture of your “time pie” for the week
    2. Boundaries. You know what you need to get your job done, and you know how much you can lend a hand to those above/below you
    3. Better use of your time

Click here to download your own: Monday Morning Meeting Tool

Questions about how to use this bad boy? Check out a helpful tutorial in the second episode of my #LABG Productivity Mini Series airing 10/29 at 8pm EST!

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