SWOT Yourself

SWOT Yourself Analysis

[swot – yoo r-self – uh-nal-uh-sis]
noun, singular
  1. An organized table that shows your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities & threats AND how those things impact your job
  2. Fill this out if:
    1. You’ve never identified your strengths & weaknesses
    2. You’re not working productively and aren’t sure why
    3. You’re receiving feedback about a strength or weakness you didn’t know you have
    4. You manage a team. You should have your whole team fill this out to understand your players
  3. Using this tool should result in:
    1. Clarity on your strengths & weaknesses
    2. A picture of your opportunities (what you can do better) and threats (how your weaknesses could negatively impact your company)
    3. Better use of your strengths to achieve your goals

Click here to download your own: SWOT Yourself Tool

Questions about how to use this bad boy? Check out a helpful tutorial in the second episode of my #LABG Productivity Mini Series airing 10/29 at 8pm EST!

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