Priority Table

Priority Table

[prahy-awr-i-tee  tey-buh l]
noun, singular
  1. A useful tool that sorts your tasks by importance and urgency. The output? A perfectly prioritized list of to-do’s.
  2. Fill this out if:
    1. You have 20 things to do and can’t decide where to start
    2. You’re feeling overwhelmed by your workload
    3. You manage a team. You should have your whole team fill this out to get a hold on their priorities!
  3. Using this tool should result in:
    1. A prioritized list of to-do’s
    2. Clarity on what shots to call for the week
    3. A structured conversation on priorities with your boss and team

Click here to download your own: Priority Table

Questions about how to use this bad boy? Check out a helpful tutorial in the first episode of my #LABG Productivity Mini Series tonight at 8pm EST!

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