Responsibility Map

Responsibility Map

[ri-spon-suhbil-i-tee m-ah-p]
noun, singular
  1. A helpful guide that ensures alignment of company, team and individual goals/responsibilities
  2. Fill this out if:
    1. Your company just communicated a new set of goals
    2. Your team is trying to decide on a new set of goals
    3. You’re confused about what your job is and/or how it relates to team/company objectives
    4. You have a new boss
    5. You’ve just started a new job
    6. You’re drowning in work and have no idea how you could possibly have this much to do
  3. Filling this form in honestly should result in:
    1. Clarity of individual responsibilities and goals
    2. A list of red flags to resolve (Do your responsibilities not relate clearly back to your team’s objectives? Red flag. Do your team’s goals not jive with the company’s goals? Red flag.)
    3. A structure for how to achieve your goals effectively
    4. A comprehensive and organized platform to jumpstart a conversation with the rest of your team

Click here to download your own: A Pretty Smart Guide to Responsibility Mapping Form

Questions about how to use this bad boy? Check out a helpful tutorial in Episode 12 of my LABG Sunday Night Blues Buster Series.

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