Conde Nast Traveler Featured Me in an Article

Which is kind of cool, right?

So for my day job (i.e. Vice President of skincare brand Immunocologie) I travel about 1 week out of every month. Sometimes I end up in really cool, sexy places like London or Milan. And sometimes I end up in really… regular… places like Cleveland (no offense Cleveland).

If you’re interested in hearing how I pack a week’s worth of clothes into a carry on, you can give the article a read right here.

And if you’re not interested in reading the whole article (it’s a decent read, but I don’t blame you) I’m going to throw some quotes at you from my sections.

Here I am giving advice on the best suitcases to buy.

Samantha Citro of skincare brand Immunocologie takes long-haul flights on a monthly basis and favors hard-shelled suitcases like Longchamp’s Boxford +. “It’s a perfectly lightweight carry-on with enough room (and organizational compartments) to last me 3-4 days. For longer trips I love Away’s The Medium.”

And here I am talking about my preference for scarves over jewelry.

For Citro, though, clothes you can roll are key. “When I need a carry-on’s worth of clothes to last me five days, I only pack dresses,” she says. “DVF’s (Diane Von Furstenberg) signature silk wrap dresses and Maje’s cotton ones are my go-to because they’re lightweight and won’t wrinkle if I roll them up into a little log. And for variety, instead of heavy necklaces and bracelets, I pack lightweight scarves and statement rings.”

So that’s that. Thanks CNTraveler for featuring me!




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